Team Smile and NodAll Team Smile and Nod songs, collaborations with Piero Peluche, and Kara Square's solo music are available for you to license for your commercial project.  This includes films, TV shows, TV and radio advertising, video games, webisodes, websites, live events, remixes, and more.  The license fee changes based on your budget and intended use.


Many of our songs are available on YouLicense (Team Smile and Nod / Kara Square / Piero Peluche) to make it easy and quick for you to get the song that you need.  Most of the songs also have an instrumental version available.  We are always open to creating instrumental versions or work-for-hire tracks to fit your specific needs.  You can also negotiate a licensing fee directly with Kara Square if you prefer.  Please contact her here:  kara[at]thinkrootrecords[dot]com


We license all of our music as CC-BY-NC-SA.  If your project is non-commercial, you already have permission to use the track!  Attribution is mandatory for this type of use.  Here's a wonderful article on TuneTrack that explains how to attribute.